• NThe Super Chip Full Set - the set that gives you Super Flexibility
  • NThe Super Chip Full Set - the Ultimate Pack Small Play Big prop ever created
  • NRedefining Pack Small Play Big - with the Super Chip Full Set
Having three Super Chips in one set, with one Receiver to rule them all is a game changer for your show. This packs as flat as three coins, and allows you to add up to 30 minutes of routines to your show. Start making miracles happen in any performance you do while standing up to 10 meters (30 feet) away from your volunteers.

No setup or pre show – it just works. At any point you can take out the Super Chip from your pocket and start fooling the people around you in so many ways (12 routines included to spark your imagination).

Just put it in your pocket and you are ready to impress, wow and book new shows.

The Ultimate

Pack Small Play Big

prop ever created

 Product features

When we designed The Super Chip Full Set we didn’t know how flexible it would become. Our Brain-Network immediately came up with so many new routines that we had to reassess the way we sell this.

We decided to dig in and develop for you 12 professional worker routines and include them in videos and written form.

This product is a killer – you can learn how to use it and perform with it on the very same day.

Here is what you can do with The Super Chip Full Set:

  • Heads or tails routines for three people at the same time
  • Which hand routines on steroids, with all three chips at the same time
  • Which color routines, with three amazed volunteers
  • Find the Wallet in an audience of any size
  • And 8 more Reputation Maker routines

    And all awhile this, you can be:

    • Sleeveless
    • Up to 10 meters away (30 feet)
    • No setup – a completely Self contained solution
    • No huge briefcases for tablets or other equipment – you can carry it easily in your pocket
    • Super clean throughout the routine (at all times, there is nothing in your hands)
    • The perfect solution for a social distancing show

    And here is what you get:

    • Three real looking casino chips in the colors blue, red and black
    • Rechargeable receiver
    • Mini carrying case 
    • The safest indicators system – Led + Vibrate
    • Future proof – the Receiver is also a transmitter, allowing new routines to be developed (including stooges and repeaters)

    Watch this NOW

    Magicians talk about the Super Chip Full Set

    “In my many years of performing as a mentalist I have used electronic devices often and was often forced to overcome some technical difficulty but never with Cobra Magic. Not even for a second, everything is done from a huge distance from the volunteer. The Super Chip is as clean as it gets. A game changer!”

    Shahar Livne

    “The Super Chip works really well on stage, the range is huge and it works perfectly. I love the way the receiver tells me where the chip is and if it’s heads or tails. So easy to understand. And the best part - the audience is actually surprised from this routine every single time!”

    Victor Atia

    “I bought the Super Chip Full Set from Cobra Magic and it’s working wonderful!!! It looks real, the crowd loves it and I can work from 10 meter away and it's working wonderfully! I love the diversity of the 12 routines that comes with the set.”

    Oren Grinfeld

    “The Super Chip is a game changer. Never ever ever in the history of magic was a device that allows you to perform from such a huge distance. Electronics often require you to make funny gestures with your hands while leaning over some volunteer. You CAN’T perform this way these days and this prop fixes that problem.”

    Hezi Dean

    I have purchased the "Super Chip" and was immediately impressed with the range of the unit, the capabilities, its looks and the case it comes in. I would also like to mention the wonderful customer service and guidance I have received from Yaniv, the owner of Cobra magic. He definitely knows his stuff and cares about his customers' success.

    Hillel Mogle

    What Magicians Say about the Super Chip in

    “I like Super Chip. The reason why is mainly because of the distance between the performer and the spectator. With Super Chip, NOT being near the spectator is a GREAT advantage and can not be overstated in my humble opinion. My recommendation is to buy Super Chip!”

    Jeff spiller

    “I can state that I have purchased a couple items previously from Yaniv and Cobra Magic. The service has always been spectacular and Yaniv certainly does everything to make you a happy customer. Yaniv cares about his customers and strives to exceed expectations. His products are well known and used by top professionals”

    On The Offbeat

    “I got the Super Chip last week from the cobra magic. The level of customer service I received was excellent. I went for the Full Set as they are well made and look good. What I like is this is a modular tool. You could put the poker chips in paper cups boards plus more, it is way more than just a which hand.”


    The set that gives you Super Flexibility

    Sleeveless, No Reset, Packs in your Pocket 

    and Plays Super Big
    12 genius routines, 3 Super Chip, and one amazing you
    (wearing a receiver in a place they will never imagine to imagine at)

    THE Super Chip- FULL SET

    The Ultimate Pocket Prediction
    There are three objects on a table. These can be anything you choose, like a wallet, key chain, a chewing gum box, color spray etc.

    Then the magician asks the volunteer to take the three objects from the table without him seeing. Each object is hidden in a different place – either the right pocket, the left one or at the hands of someone from the audience.

    The volunteer chooses which item to pick first, second and last freely.

    Then, the magician tells everyone which object is in the volunteer’s right pocket, left pocket and at the audience.

    Finally, he reveals his predictions that says something like: You will hide the wallet in your left pocket, the key chain in your right and the chewing gum box with another audience member – and the prediction is always correct.

    The Classic Three Chip Hiding Game
    The Volunteer truly has free choice on what to put and where.

    First the magician reveals which chip the volunteer has behind his back (inside his hands).

    Then, he asks the volunteer to pick one pocket and to hold the poker chip from that pocket inside one of his hands. The magician knows which color he has and which hand is holding it.

    Third, with the last poker chip (that everyone knows which color he has left) the magician plays heads or tails and guesses it right every time.

    This is all done while the magician stands 10 meters (30 feet) away from the volunteer!

    You started with… and then switched to...
    The magician asks the first volunteer to pick one poker chip from 3 optional colors, then he asks him to sit down. The same happens with the other two volunteers.

    When all three have one poker chip each, the magician asks them to switch their poker chip so that they all have a different poker chip at the end.

    The magician lets everyone know which color each volunteer holds and which color each volunteer had in the beginning.

    You can add a second climax of showing that you knew in advance in a prediction that this would be their final choice, if that suits your style.

    Game theory - by Amir Lustig
    The magician asks the volunteer to pick up one chip (one value).

    The magician will try to guess which value the volunteer took, if the magician is wrong with his guess the volunteer wins the value of money that is on that poker chip, but if the magician is right, he doesn’t win anything.

    The magician analyzes the reaction and body language of the volunteer and wins every time.

    This routine comes with the complete script for what to say so that you will surely amuse your audience as well as amaze them.

    The $300 bet - by Amir Lustig
    Each volunteer picks a poker chip

    The magician calls on a bet and starts with the first person,

    He bets on $300 that he could know which poker chip that volunteer has chosen, he’s right!

    The money goes back to him.

    The magician turns to the second volunteer, he bets again on that $300 that he could know which poker chip the volunteer took and in which hand he holds it. He’s right again!

    In the third time the magician’s bets on the highest odds, the volunteer has 50% odds to win $300 in his favor in the game of heads or tails. The magician is right and gets the $300 back to his pocket.

    The Color Spray Artist Prediction
    A volunteers comes on stage and chooses a color to draw a square. He then choose a second color to draw a circle. Finally he uses the remaining color to draw a star on the canvas.

    You then reveal that you drew in advance the exact same drawing with colors matching to the volunteer’s free choice.

    Very flexible – You can decide on any drawing – not just shapes but numbers, letters, etc.

    Who stole my wallet? by Amir Lustig
    He puts his personal wallet on the table (or an envelope with money bills) and asks them to decide who will be the one to “steal” the wallet and hide it.

    Without the magician seeing it, one volunteer hides the wallet in his back pocket.

    The magician stands 10 meters away (30 feet) from the volunteers and eliminates the non-thieves one by one, until he is left with only one volunteer – the thief is found!

    This routine is fully scripted and ridiculously funny and you get the full patter.

    Who has the poker chip

    The magician asks from 1 volunteer to take the poker chip, he doesn’t see who took the poker chip from the 3 volunteers. Then he asks them to switch the poker chip with someone else.

    The magician knows who took the poker chip at first and who has the poker chip now.

    The Ultimate Which Hand / Which Pocket

    The Magician knows where it is from 10 meters away (30 feet) without ever getting close to the volunteer.




    Heads or Tails

    This can also be played in a way in which the volunteer hides the chip in one of their pockets. You reveal which one while standing 10 meters away (30 feet) and then proceed to asking the volunteer to check which side of the coin is turning up – heads or tails. The Magician knows what it is.

    Random Audience Elimination

    The entire audience stand up.

    The magician asks any volunteer to play heads or tails, and then directs the audience in advance – if it will be heads, all the ladies will seat down, and it will be tails, all the men will seat down.

    This process is continued a few more times until the person you wanted to select is the only person left standing.

    The Audience That Fooled the Volunteer

    The magician asks him to toss the poker chip. Every time he does, the crowd shouts at him what he side is up.

     This is a fun collaboration between the audience and the magician. The volunteer goes crazy, how come the audience knows what side is up.

    This is a classic dual reality situation as the crowd don’t know how the magician knows what the result will be every time.

    the amazing
    super chip full set


    Every single detail about the Super Chip Full Set.

    The Super Chip Full Set – the set that gives you Super Flexibility
    – Yaniv Levy
    The Super Chip Full Set – the set that gives you Super Flexibility
    – Yaniv Levy

    Technical details for each of the three Super Chips that are included in the Super Chip Full Set:

    • Color: Blue, Black and Red (one of each)
    • State of the art technology crafted with our brand new Mental Transceiver Cobra Core 2.0
    • Super Strong Battery Life – Using Time: 15,000 minutes (500 times of 30 minutes OR 750 times of 20 minutes)
    • Waiting time without replacing: 5 years
    • Replaceable Battery – Easily accessible battery type: CR2016 with a capacity of 100 Mah
    • Channels: 254 difference channels – so that it never interferes with your sound system – it can’t!
    • Easily shipped from our manufactured facility in Israel – Frequency 2.4Ghz up to 2.5Ghz
    • High Quality Materials – Operation Temperature: -5 ~ 50 Celsius, 23-122 Fahrenheit
    • Poker Chip Thickness: 2.3mm
    • Poker Chip weight: 3 gram

    Technical details of the Super Chip Full Set Receiver:

    • Reprogrammable rechain affect allowing you to future proof your show
    • Powered by our unique Mental Transmission Cobra Core 2.0 Operating System
    • Rechargeable battery with an Auto Power Off after 60 minutes
    • Easily turn on with a safely located button so that you never turn the Receiver off by accident
    • High Quality Materials – Operation Temperature: -5 ~ 50 Celsius, 23-122 Fahrenheit
    • Low maintenance and easy recharge – Using time: 5 hours
    • Recharge time – 1-2 hours with operation voltage: 3.7Volt up to 4.2 volt
    • Highly Reliable Battery type: lipo 3.7volt, 100Mah
    • Recharge with a standard micro USB cable – included
    • Easily shipped from our manufacturing headquarters in Israel due to the Frequency being 2.4Ghz up to 2.5Ghz
    • Safe to use near other electronic devices and sound system – Channels: 254 difference channels ;

    Pack Small Play Big

    Perform miracles from 30 feet away (10 meters)

    You want to receive your prop as fast as possible. That’s when I come in.

    – Liron Levy

    You want to receive your prop as fast as possible. That’s when I come in.

    – Liron Levy


    1. Is the product in stock and ready to ship?

    Yes. But we only add the batteries for you and perform Pre-Shipping Quality Check right after the order is finalized. That way we keep the electronics inside fresh and we guarantee its perfect condition.

    2. How long does the shipping take?

    We ship by air mail and it depends on where we ship it to. Normally between 10-14 days. Due to Covid -19 shipping may take a little more time.

    3. How do I charge the Chip

    The chip itself does not need charging. The battery is good for 500-800 shows which should easily be enough for many years to come.

    4. How do I charge the Receiver

    We supply you with a standard micro usb cable and you can charge it with your phone charger or any USB charger for that matter.

    5. Does the chip must be inside the holder

    No. You receive a mini carrying case for the receiver and three chip but you can carry them however you want.

    6. How do I get the instructions for the different routines

    We provide video explanations for every single routine and maintenance need you might have in the future. All videos are presented through a hidden Youtube channel.

    7. Can I change the battery inside the Chip?

    Yes. It is possible to change the battery inside the chip by yourself. You get a video explanation on how you can do that.

    We also offer our clients to send the chip back to us and we will change the battery + update the program to its latest version and replace the chip plastic itself for a small fair handling fee.

    8. Can I travel with the Super Chip on a plane?

    Yes. The battery spec is included in this page and is confirmed to be safe for flying with the battery on board a plane (you won’t even need to shut it off during take off and landing).

    9. What is the guarantee of The Super Chip Full Set?
    The Super Chip Full Set comes with a one year full warranty.

    This is not a magic trick.

    It is a prop with endless opportunities.

    Perform Miracles From a distance of
    10 meters (30 feet)